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The Best Non Toxic Men’s Grooming Products

Nothing boosts a man’s confidence like a clean shave, tidy trim, or nice cologne. Although the non toxic market for women is more extensive than for men right now, there are still plenty of manly, safe, and accessible non toxic brands for men.
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Organic, non-toxic, and sustainable products are often marketed towards and consumed by women. But sustainable and safe products are necessary for all consumers, regardless of their gender. Men’s grooming products contain harmful chemicals that are linked to a variety of health issues. This article aims to help male presenting consumers learn about the issues with conventional grooming products and help them shift to non-toxic alternatives. 

This article will cover:

  • What is the issue with conventional men’s grooming products?
    • Body Wash 
      • Why is conventional men’s body wash an issue?
        • Non-Toxic Brands: BOYZZ ONLY and Andalou
    • Cologne
      • Why is conventional men's cologne unsafe?
        • Non Toxic Brands: Henry Rose and 18.21 Man Made
    • Deodorant 
      • Why is conventional men's deodorant a problem?
        • Non-Toxic Brands: PrepU and Dr Squatch
    • Shaving Cream
      • Why is conventional men's shaving cream bad for you?
        • Non Toxic Brands: Pete & Pedro and Lowens 

What is the issue with conventional men’s grooming products? 

Nothing boosts a man’s confidence like a clean shave, tidy trim, or nice cologne. The men’s grooming product market has been growing in recent years. Grooming products refer to products that people use to keep themselves clean and presentable. There has been rapid innovation and development of grooming products. The growing normalization of men’s grooming is a necessary change. Men have different skincare needs than women. Their skin tends to be thicker and oiler and they desire different things from their products. There are now whole aisles dedicated to men’s grooming products and men are more comfortable with normalizing beauty habits. At the same time as men’s grooming has boomed in popularity, there has also been a rising demand for organic products and chemical restrictions. Consumers are becoming more aware and concerned with the chemical compounds used in cosmetics and grooming products. Unfortunately, there is a stigma of natural or organic being feminine. But caring about your health does not relate to any binary. It is a global public health crisis that cosmetics and skincare products are unregulated. People think this is a women's products issue but the same harmful chemicals are used in men’s products. Grooming products like deodorant and shaving cream contain toxic chemicals linked to cancer, sperm damage, learning disabilities and other chronic health problems. Phthalates are a common chemical used in grooming products and is especially concerning to men because it disrupts male hormones, affects fertility and is linked to testicular cancer.  A lot of non toxic brands are geared toward women with flowery scents and pretty packaging which is not what most men want. Although the non toxic market for women is more extensive than for men right now, there are still plenty of manly, safe, and accessible non toxic brands for men.

Body Wash 

Why is conventional men’s body wash an issue?

Normal body wash contains a massive amount of harmful chemicals. Parabens are a common chemical found in body wash that mimics estrogen and is linked to male breast growth, and hormonal and neurological disorders. DEA is another concerning ingredient that creates carcinogenic material when combined with other common shower product chemicals. Propylene glycol, linked to kidney and liver issues and skin irritation, and sodium laurel, a known carcinogen, are also common ingredients in body wash. Formulas often contain toxic preservatives, harmful surfactants, and undisclosed contaminants. Undisclosed fragrances mask a mix of thousands of chemicals. These toxic ingredients are common because they are inexpensive and increase shelf life. But they contaminate waterways, strip the skin of essential oils, cause irritations and harm reproductive and immune systems. All natural body wash doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found in conventional products. They moisturize and nourish the skin rather than stripping it of its natural oils.  Men must switch out their body wash for a non toxic alternative first because this product is spread all over the body, every day.

Non Toxic Bodywash Brands

BOYZZ ONLY No Nonsense Body Wash


BOYZZ ONLY is a great Canadian brand for safe and sustainable men’s grooming products. They offer a variety of body wash, shampoo, condition, body oil, and hair products made just for men. ALL of their products are EWG verified meaning they meet strict safety criteria for chemical and ingredient use. Their No Nonsense body wash is extra moisturizing and super effective for dry skin. It is gluten, wheat, and nut-free, and great for eczema-prone skin. This brand uses natural fragrances like orange, cedarwood, mint, and vanilla made from botanical extracts and essential oils. This body wash is free from DEA, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance, and propylene glycol. It is also vegan, palm oil-free, and GMO-free! The packaging and product are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. BOYZZ ONLY is also Leaping Bunny approved meaning they use no animal ingredients or testing. They are also Certclean certified, a Canadian certification that ensures no carcinogens, neurotoxins, or other harmful chemicals are used. This body wash truly is no nonsense. It is safe, sustainable, and a great alternative to conventional body wash. 

Andalou Men Invigorating Body Wash 3 in 1  


This Anadolu’s body wash is formulated specifically for men. With this product, you get 3 in 1! It is safe and effective for your face, hair, and body. Andalou products are 100% GMO free. In fact, they were the first beauty brand to achieve 100% no GMOS for every single product they offer. Their packaging is always recycled and 100% BPA-free. This body wash is gluten-free, cruelty free and 98% derived from nature. It is a combination of biodegradable vegan ingredients that result in a gentle and effective formula. Andalou used a patented fruit stem cell technology that blends bioactive fruit stem cells using liposomal technology. Liposomal is a drug preparation that contains active ingredients inside tiny fat-like particles. This makes it easier for the body to absorb, meaning your body will actually absorb all of the beneficial ingredients in the body wash formula. This technology uses natural ingredients like apples, roses, and hemp. The body wash specially used organic hemp seed oil, soothing aloe vera, and botanical cleansers. Andalou offers a safe and effective body wash for men. 


Why is conventional men’s cologne unsafe?

Synthetic fragrances are a major concern for chemical exposure. Most synthetic fragrances are derived from petroleum which is linked to allergies, birth defects, nervous system disorders, and even cancer. Fragrance also often contains phthalates that disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm count, and are linked to cancer. There is a loophole in cosmetic labeling poly that exempts fragrances from disclosure or regulation. It is seen as a trade secret and the public has been left completely in the dark. Undisclosed ingredients in fragrance used in colognes can contain any number of 4000 chemicals which then absorb into the bloodstream and are inhaled when sprayed. Cologne is an important aspect of men’s grooming routines so it is important that men swap out synthetic fragrances for a non toxic cologne. 

Non Toxic Cologne Brands

Henry Rose Eau De Parfum 

Price: $120

Henry Rose is a popular cologne company that uses safe synthetic chemicals and botanical extracts. They are the first line of fragrances created with 100% ingredient transparency. Henry Rose products are also the first fragrance to be both EWG certified and Cradle to Cradle certified. You can be sure this cologne is safe because they use no ingredient from EWG’s unacceptable list, are vetted against strict standards, are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, and break down all ingredients to be transparent. Their cologne contains no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, known or suspected carcinogens, or known or suspected endocrine disruptors. Their bottles are made from 90I % recycled glass and their boxes and packing are 100% recycled. Henry Rose is a partner with the Breast Cancer Prevention Organization which is focused on breast cancer prevention, women’s health, and environmental justice. This partnership also means they give back a portion of their proceeds to research and advocacy around toxic chemicals in personal care. Henry Rose offers high-quality and safe fragrances. 

18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Spirits 


18.21 Man Made offers a variety of body, hair, shave and beard products made just for men. The brand is inspired by the prohibition era giving it a unique and recognizable aesthetic. The scent of their Sweet Tobacco cologne is inspired by old jazz clubs and speakeasies This blend of almost 30 oils has a wonderful smell with hints of tobacco, musk, vanilla, and citrus. The formula is 20% oil blends and 80% denatured alcohol. There’s no room for harmful chemicals in this formula. Man Made’s cologne is rated 1 on EWG’s database, meaning it meets strict criteria for safety and ingredient transparency. This cologne is made in small batches in a barrelhouse. In fact, all their products are made in the USA. This sweet fragrance also comes with cool packaging and a slick bottle. You can find this product on the Man Made website or in select Ulta and JCPenney Stores. 18.21 Man Made’s cologne is a great non toxic option. 


Why is conventional men’s deodorant a problem?

Conventional deodorant is shock full of chemicals. Oftentimes, fragrance is combined with acidic or salty ingredients like zinc oxide to kill bacteria causing odor and sweat. Antiperspirant, which is different from just deodorant, uses aluminum compounds to block sweat glands. Aluminum-based antiperspirants are especially concerning since aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s, cancer, causes cells to mutate and can result in tumor growth. But almost all conventional deodorants contain other ingredients of concern as well. Parabens are a common perspective used that mimics estrogen and is linked to cancer. Another common preservative used in deodorant is phthalates which are endocrine disruptors that especially affect males. Other ingredients of concern include BHT, triclosan, and propylene glycol. To avoid exposure to these harmful chemicals, opt for a natural aluminum-free deodorant. 

Non Toxic Deodorant Brands

Prep U Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant 

Price: $14.50

Prep U deodorant is EWG verified and is aluminum, Gmo, and baking soda free. The formula is a combination of beeswax, essential oils, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E which prevents odors without harming the skin. This deodorant has a nice citrus mint smell. It is all-natural and contains no synthetic fragrances, nanosized ingredients, parables, phthalates, SLS, sulfates, talc, or any other harmful chemicals. Prep U is also Leaping  Bunny certified to ensure no animal testing. All their packaging is 100% recyclable and BPA-free. Aside from their great deodorant, Prep U offers a variety of other great men’s grooming products like body spray, body wash, face scrub, face wash, and soaps. Prep U is a great aluminum-free non toxic deodorant option. 

Dr. Squatch Alpine Sage Men’s Natural Deodorant 


Dr. Squatch is a great men’s grooming brand that is recognizably known for their bar soap. But they also offer hair care, toothpaste, and great natural deodorants formulated just for men. They offer 3 or 4 packs or single deodorant options in a variety of naturally derived scents like pine tar, birchwood breeze, baby run, and wood barrel bourbon. Dr. Squatch’s deodorant is aluminum-free and contains no harsh chemicals. Instead, they use natural deodorizing ingredients like charcoal powder to block odor, probiotics to prevent bacteria growth, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture. Their Alpine Sage deodorant has a refreshing cypress and sage scent and uses moisturizers like jojoba oil and shea butter. All their products are 98-100% from natural origins and they offer a list of ingredients they never use called their “Sh*t List.” This list includes aluminum, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, PEG’s and more. You can be sure that you’ll be safe and smelling great with Dr. Squatch’s odor-killing natural deodorant.  

Shaving Cream 

Why is conventional men’s shaving cream bad for you?

Shaving cream is something few men think about and why should they- you rub it on, shave and wash it off. As long as it does the job, men are happy. But men must realize the harmful chemicals lurking in their shaving cream and take the time to be more conscious about which brand they use. Conventional shaving cream is full of chemicals that reduce sperm count, damage skin, and hurt the body. Surfactants like propylene glycol, SLS and SLES, give shaving cream its lathering texture but they also destroy the skin’s natural ability to hydrate, cause you to age more quickly, mimic estrogen, and are known carcinogens. Triethanolamine, known as TEA, is another concerning ingredient in shaving cream that offsets the body’s natural PH balances and is linked to various skin allergies and even cancer. Preservatives like parabens and phthalates are also common. It is important that men recognize the potentially harmful effects of their shaving cream. Non Toxic shaving creams are now available and growing in popularity.

Non Toxic Shaving Cream Brands 

Pete & Pedro GMO-free Shaving Cream


Pete & Pedro’s Shave cream is rich and lubricating and offers thick and luxurious lather without all the harmful chemicals. The Eucalyptus Mint scent is refreshing and calming. This brand combines oils, botanicals, glycerin, and aloe to provide a hydrating shave. It contains no parabens or other harmful chemicals, and no itching or razor burn. They offer a variety of natural and artisan man men’s grooming products including shampoo, body washes, and other shaving products. All of their products are created in the USA and they never use animal testing. Pete & Pedro was created by Aaron Marino, a popular men’s lifestyle influencer, and he has taken this brand to Shark Tank twice. Pete & Pedo is a great non toxic men’s grooming brand. 

Lowens Smooth Criminal Shave Balm


Lowens Smooth Criminal Shave Balm is effective, long-lasting, and safe. The formula uses organic aloe vera, oat oil, and locally sourced honey to moisturize and a coconut base to help prevent razor clogs. It is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. Lowens shave balm uses no synthetic fragrance, GMO’s, or gluten. They always use organic, fair trade, and/or locally sourced ingredients. They also offer product refills and packaging recycling programs to reduce their environmental footprint. Lowens is EWG verified, meaning their products meet high standards for rigorous safety criteria, as well as Leaping Bunny cruelty-free and CertClean certified. This family-owned and operated brand offers high-quality and affordable products for the whole family.



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