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Clean Home Care Essentials for Everyday Use

A clean home makes for a stress-free life, but when shopping for home care products, its essential to keep the earth's health and your own in mind. Shop our favorite home care products thats ingredient lists are as clean as your home will be!
Guide to Drinking Water Filters For Your Sink or Countertop | Oscea
Kitchen & Dining

Guide to Drinking Water Filters For Your Sink or Countertop

A good water filter for your drinking water is one of the best ways to limit the amount of harmful chemicals you are exposed to in your home on a daily basis. That's why we've compiled a list of 5 drinking water filters we think are the best.
Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Your Home | Oscea

Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Your Home

Keep the air in your home clean and safe with an HEPA air purifier. Below is a list of 5 that we think are worth the investment!
Best Non Toxic Mattresses | Oscea
Bed & Bath

Best Non Toxic Mattresses

Learn more about why it is time to invest in a non toxic mattress!
5 Best Air Purifying House Plants | Oscea
Furniture & Decor

5 Best Air-Purifying Houseplants, According to NASA

Whether you are just starting your plant journey or are a veteran plant parent, seeking out air-purifying houseplants is a great way to spruce up your home while improving air quality.
5 Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products and Surprising Places to Find Them | Oscea

5 Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products and Surprising Places to Find Them

We are surrounded by toxic chemicals in everyday products. A recent study found that there are more than 84,000 chemicals on the market and we come into contact with many of them every single day.
10 Best VOC Free Paints | OSCEA
Building & Construction

10 Best VOC Free Paints

The US Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that levels of VOCs are 2-5 times higher indoors than outdoors due to products like paint and cleaning supplies.
sustainability certifications for home | OSCEA
Furniture & Decor

What sustainability certifications should I look for when shopping for home products?

When shopping for home goods, it is important to know which certifications to look for and what they mean since the majority of furniture is unsustainable, manufactured with highly toxic chemicals, and is not rigorously tested for safety measures.
best organic cotton towels and sheets | OSCEA
Bed & Bath

Best Organic Cotton Towels and Sheets

These materials surround our lives. We sleep, sit, and dry off with them. Purchasing organic cotton towels and sheets is the safest and most sustainable option. 
non toxic cleaning products | OSCEA

Non Toxic Cleaning Products Swap

The following 8 swaps will help you detoxify your home. We have recommended our favorite non toxic cleaning product brands for each swap to help ease the process. 
non toxic non stick pans | OSCEA
Kitchen & Dining

Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pans

If we’re cooking contaminated food on a contaminated surface, it’s a double whammy for toxic chemical exposure!

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