OSCEA is a conscious curator and contributor of articles, brands and products that are focused on organic, sustainable, clean and ethical alternatives to the products you use every day.

Our Lifestyle Philosophy

Control Inside the Home
You can’t control what happens outside of your home, but you can control what happens inside so we put our energy there and stick to high standards with products we welcome inside our house and use in our daily practices.

Best Available Option
Some products won’t be perfect; the market isn’t perfect and as a consumer we have to endure the growing pains. While certain markets, brands and industries are still lacking in the highest standards,  we encourage our community to purchase the best available option – and sometimes the best available technically isn’t good enough but all we can do is the best we can with what we have available.  Just beware of deceitful marketing language and greenwashing terms. For example when you see BPA-free, the replacement chemical used could be even worse.

Performance wear vs Everyday wear
80% of the time (while you’re at home) wear organic clothing, clean cosmetics and eat food that is clean.  Reserve 20% of the time (when you’re out and about) for you to color outside of the lines. Wear performance based makeup to that special event or eat that non organic birthday cake!

- When in doubt, choose natural fibers over synthetic materials -always.

- Ditch the plastic, everywhere!  Period.

- Just say ‘no’ to artificial fragrance. You’ll live.

Most chemicals used for consumer consumption are tested in a vacuum. Meaning, that one chemical alone is proven safe for consumption at that specific interval for that specific time.

What is not taken into consideration is the cumulative toxic exposure from the complete American lifestyle overall; both from using multiple products with small toxic exposures but also the accumulation of toxic exposure from persistent, daily use of those products.

For example, if we look at an average morning, one can add up the toxic exposure from the small amount of nitrates in the sausage you ate for breakfast, plus the average of 168 chemicals (according to the EWG) in your products from taking a shower, putting on makeup, using perfume and doing your hair, to the pesticide residue in your coffee you drank before work, one may not realize that small amounts of toxic exposures add up to a large daily sum and the daily exposure is then replicated day after day for an extended period of time; leaving your liver, kidneys and body no time to adequately detox. The average American walks out of their house in the morning having already been exposed to hundreds of chemicals from the inventory of 80,000 plus that are available.

Disease is triggered when your body's toxic burden tips the scales and is not able to properly keep up with filtering out toxins faster than rexposure occurs.

- Reuse & recycle as much as you can; Oscea is here for everything else!

- Choose the option that is certified clean, organic, or toxin free.  It is the only semblance of accountability US consumers can hold to brands.

- Less is more; choose slow fashion and buy less products!Invest in staple pieces (clothing & decor).  Rent trends or purchase trend items for small, artisanal brands in natural materials. Simply put, we encourage you to buy less stuff!