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Top 8 Wellness Gifts for Friends and Family

Whether you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or could just use a little help with their self-care routine, we have the perfect list of wellness gifts for you to give a loved one (or maybe just keep for yourself).
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With wellness becoming more prominent in today’s society, now more than ever we’re concerned and more connected with our mental health, and checking in with yourself and your loved ones is essential.  Whether you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, or could just use a little help to improve their overall wellbeing or self-care routine, we have the perfect list of wellness gifts for you to give a loved one (or maybe just keep for yourself).

Nearly 52.9 million people in the U.S live with a mental illness; depression being the leading disability. Research shows mental health was greatly impacted by the pandemic in a negative way, showing 64% of people saying they feel anxious in general because of the pandemic. Even besides the pandemic, mental health statistics have been increasing over the decades at a fast rate. In 2019 it was reported that young adults with suicidal thoughts increased by 47% from 2008 to 2017. These rates continue to rise, and society needs to normalize the discussion of mental health topics more in schools, the workplace, and in social situations. 

We may not be able to solve this worldwide crisis, but we can help tremendously by becoming more aware of the topic and having meaningful conversations with friends and family about how they are doing and maybe offer them some helpful tips or even some options to find help. While doing all of this for others, remind yourself you need to take care of yourself as well, and don’t forget to reach out to others, a professional, or someone you trust. 

We all know someone close to us who may be struggling with their overall well-being and it’s not always easy to approach the subject with your loved ones.  But a thoughtful and helpful gift may be just the right ice-breaker to help that friend in need. Here’s our list of the top 8 wellness gifts to help you along.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser 
Essential Oil Diffuser | Oscea | Wellness Gifts Blog Post

Photo by: ANOQ

We chose this low-maintenance and flame-free essential oil diffuser from a french company on Etsy that makes wood and ceramic diffusers for people across the globe. Each diffuser is handmade with the shape of a carnation flower design. This diffuser is made of acacia wood which is 100% safe, having dense and closed grains making it anti-bacterial. Essential oils have been used in traditional and folk medicine for decades. It has been proven they have many benefits that can help strengthen one's mental health. These benefits include stress reduction, being used as a sleeping aid, can help prevent diseases, improving mood swings, etc; A essential oil diffuser is a great wellness gift to give to a friend in need of some relaxation and peace. 

2. Mental Health Journal
Mental Heath Journal | Oscea | 5 Minute Journal
Photo by: intelligentchange 

Journaling is another great alternative to take the stress off your shoulders and align with yourself. A study done by Cambridge University expresses that expressive writing has many beneficial long-term and short-term effects you may not know. These health outcomes include fewer stress-related visits to the doctor, a sharper memory, improved mood, feeling that their psychological well-being has become greater, reduced blood pressure, and many other social and psychological behaviors. The journal that we have chosen has become a recent favorite for many across the nation. It includes pages that last up to six months that have prompts such as daily affirmations, weekly challenges, self-reflection, inspirational quotes and pages to practice gratitude. Another reason we have chosen this journal is that it is 100% recyclable and contains FSC-certified paper. 

3. Coloring Book

Photo by: Catty Press

Coloring is one of those activities that should not be labeled as a “children's activity”.  Tap into your creative flow and choose from many fun and creative adult coloring books! We picked this relaxing, mindfulness coloring book for anyone of any age to participate in. This book includes pages of relaxing patterns and sayings to help ground and relax you.

4. Activity Book 
Activity Book | Mental health Blog | Oscea Photo by: KatieAbey

This next book is for kids ages 7 and up that can make a great book for kids but can still have fun with it if you are older. This “No Worries” book is a handmade interactive book that allows kids to fully express their creativity. With pages like “color your feelings”, fun yoga pose exercises, positivity-based pages, and so many other unique pages, you are able to express your individuality! This book makes the perfect gift for someone you know who is younger or likes to get creative! 

5. Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket| Mental Heath| Oscea Blog Post

Photo by: Baloo

Weighted blankets are a great way to make someone feel like they are being hugged, without actually hugging them. Weighted blankets have become popular over the past few years and have many beneficial effects to consider. One study shows it has enhanced people's quality of relaxation, stress, and improved their sleep schedules. This weighted blanket from Baloo is such an amazing idea as a wellness gift. Baloo uses breathable cool cotton so you can use it even in the summer! They provide size options from throw blankets to king-sized options. It is 12 pounds made of 100% cotton, free from polyester and synthetic fibers, and of course machine washable and dryer safe. 

6. Sunlight Lamp 

Sunlight therapy lamp | Oscea

Photo by: Circadian Optics

Sunlight therapy is a smart and helpful way to not fall into a “winter depression”. If you live in the Northern hemisphere you may notice days become darker and darker, sooner and sooner. Many of us struggle with getting in an essential vitamin during this time, vitamin D. You may notice that in the summer you feel much happier and your mood improves, a main reason for many is because of the greater intake of sunlight you get! This lamp provides the vitamin D you may lack and can help aid depression. Research has shown that the amount of sunlight you take in, affects how much serotonin your body produces. Serotonin improves your mood and energy levels and will even improve your sleep.

7. Puzzle

Puzzle | Mental health | Wellness gifts blog | Oscea

Photo by: The Positive Piece

Puzzles are an extremely relaxing activity to many and this puzzle we have chosen is filled with positive vibes. The puzzle art is done by a woman named Amanda Laurel Atkins, who portrays female empowerment through her art. Puzzles help challenge the mind and help people get off their phones and connect more with their minds and thoughts. Puzzles make a great wellness gift for a friend, especially if you do them together!

8. Habit Awareness Band
Habit Awareness Band| Mental health blog post

Photo by: Habitaware

You may or may not have heard of bands called “habit awareness bands”. These are digital bands that help prevent anxious habits such as hair pulling, skin picking, and nail-biting. His Keen band works by recognizing when you are in motion of the habit and gently vibrates on your wrist as a gentle reminder to move your hands elsewhere. If you know someone with these habits, this would make the perfect gift for them. 

The next time you celebrate a holiday, friend's birthday, or just want to show someone you care, these wellness gifts are perfect options for anyone of any age. We live in a time where stress is more common and is taking a toll on everyone in some way or another, making it important to check in with friends, family, and yourself.


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