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What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is a movement for nontoxic cosmetics that are safe for people and the planet.

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The Truth About Talc and Talc-free Face Powders We Love! | Oscea

The Truth About Talc and Talc-free Face Powders We Love!

Long term exposure to talc powder products is harmful to your health.  We have some answers.
Clean Mascara And Our Beauty Editor's Favorites | Oscea | Clean Beauty

Clean Mascara And Our Beauty Editor's Favorites

Mascara contains some of the most toxic chemicals in cosmetics including PFAS 'forever chemicals'. Here is everything you need to know.   
Beauty Certifications to Look for when Shopping | Oscea

What Sustainability Certifications Should I Look for when Shopping for Beauty Products?

There is a wide variety of certifications given to brands and products who meet rigorous standards for health and environmental sustainability.
Chemicals allowed in US vs European Makeup | Sustainable Makeup | Osceapedia | Oscea Blog

Chemicals allowed in US vs European Makeup

The EU has banned over 1,300 chemicals known or suspected to harm human health, while the US has banned only 11. 


Browse the Glossary of Terms, Expert Opinions, and Detox Guides to learn more about the science, politics and ethics behind sustainability and everyday toxins.

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Bath & Body

The Case for Natural Perfume

Popular perfumes contain toxins but no need to worry. Here is what to stay away from and great alternatives.


Gifts for Her

Browse gift ideas for everything merry and bright (and clean and non-toxic).

Personal Care

Toss the Toxins: 10 Best Sustainable Period Products

Typical feminine care products generate massive amounts of plastic and medical waste and often contain harmful chemicals like phthalates and parabens.

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The Best of Organic Shaving Cream | Oscea
Men's Grooming

The Best in Organic Shaving Cream

Shaving creams contain some of the most toxic ingredients. We have everything you need to know.
Non Toxic Men's Grooming Products | OSCEA
Men's Grooming

The Best Non Toxic Men’s Grooming Products

Nothing boosts a man’s confidence like a clean shave, tidy trim, or nice cologne. Although the non toxic market for women is more extensive than for men right now, there are still plenty of manly, safe, and accessible non toxic brands for men.


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Clean beauty includes skincare, cosmetics, haircare, and personal care products that are free from carcinogens, heavy metals, and endocrine disrupting chemicals. Clean beauty promotes less packaging waste, less toxic water runoff, and cruelty-free processes and products.

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