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Organic Cotton Scrunchie Set

Sale price$20.00

From the brand that brought you the world’s first ever plastic-free hair band comes the world’s first ever plastic-free scrunchie that is lab-proven to be 4x stronger than the leading, plastic-laden brand! 

Made of only 2 simple ingredients: certified organic cotton and 100% sustainably sourced, fair trade natural tree rubber, KOOSHOO’S Plastic-Free Scrunchies are the perfect balance of fashion, function, and most importantly ethics so you can do good, look good, and feel good!

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Sustainability Badges

- Scrunchies are 100% biodegradable
- Certified Fair Trade
- Certified Organic
- Sustainably sourced natural tree rubber
- Plastic-free
- Packaged in compostable materials for a zero-waste purchase


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