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Clean Essentials for Your Personal Care Routine

Your personal care products may include ingredients harmful to your body and our earth. Here are clean alternatives for an ethical everyday personal care routine!
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Having a self care routine has been clinically proven to reduce stress and increase your happiness. There is no better time than now to splurge on a few personal care products and invest in yourself by enhancing your everyday routine. However, when looking for said product, it is important to treat yourself with clean, nontoxic, sustainable ingredients from brands you can trust. 

Whether it is PFA’s chemicals in dental floss, toxic aluminum in deodorant, or harsh sulfates in shampoo, it is essential for the best personal care routine, that you are steering away from these harmful chemicals that with everyday use can bioaccumulate overtime and lead to potential health issues.

To find out about our editors' trusted personal care favorites, that are all Ocsea-approved (learn more about our standards) and all available on Amazon, keep reading!

1. Enzymatic Body Cleanser | Aleavia

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanser in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

The Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanser is chock full of probiotics and clean ingredients that will feed your skin microbiome. It is non-toxic, GMO free, fragrance free, cruelty free, chemical free, vegan and on top of all of that, it is made with only six ingredients. The National Library of Medicine has encouraged against parabens as they are closely associated with carcinogens, infertility, and ecological disruptions. When searching for a clean alternative in a body cleanser, we highly recommend this one.  Read more about our editors' picks for Best Non Toxic Body Wash.  

2. Cold Pressed & Organic Rosehip Seed Oil | Pura D'or
Image of Organic Rosehip Seed Oil in Oscea Personal Care Article
Source: Amazon

This 100% Pure Organic Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil is a phenomenal product for your after-shower routine. Enriched with omegas and vitamins, this oil steers clear of any dangerous chemicals, fragrances, and additives that are typically found in face and body oils. When it comes to finding an oil to add to your personal care essentials, a cold-pressed oil like Pura D’or’s will ensure a clean, pure, and nutrient-retaining addition to your skincare routine.

3. Non Toxic Deodorant | Native

Image of Native Deodorant in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

To ensure a truly clean deodorant, you'll want to find one without talc, aluminum, or phthalates. Talc specifically, is used to absorb moisture in the deodorant formula: however, it poses health risk as it can be life threatening when inhaled. This is due to its close proximity to asbestos when mined. Our editors suggest this Native deodorant that includes none of those harmful ingredients.

4.  Natural Toothpaste and Prebiotic Oral Therapy | Revitin

Image of Revitin Natural Toothpaste and Prebiotic Oral Therapy in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

For a clean toothpaste, we recommend this prebiotic natural toothpaste. Dentist formulated with natural ingredients including prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and various anti-inflammatory coenzymes and compounds including CoQ10, Revitin is also fluoride & SLS free, gluten & nut free, dye-free, GMO-free, sugar & Xylitol free and will ensure a balanced mouth microbiome. The National Library of Medicine states that “the concentration of fluoride should be decreased to 400 parts per million (ppm). Alternatively, fluoride may be replaced with other antibacterial and cariostatic agents.” Fluoride can pose health risks which is why a fluoride free toothpaste like Revitin’s, is highly encouraged to use.  As a brand, Revitin is fighting back against the ineffective “antimicrobial” approach and introducing a safe, effective alternative to pesticides and poisons.

5. Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental Floss  | COCOFLOSS

Image of Cocofloss in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

COCOFLOSS is a refillable dental floss with compostable packaging, using coconut oil and a vegan wax to guarantee a clean smile. Free of toxins like parabens and PFA’s, this floss is the best way to ensure you are staying away from chemicals that can cause your body harm. PFA’s, also known as “forever chemicals”, have been linked to a handful of harmful health risks including cancer and endocrine issues but one of the more concerning, found in a 2021 Harvard study, was high cholesterol in children.

6. Non Toxic Shampoo | Rahua
Image of Rahua Shampoo

Source: Amazon

Rahua shampoo is made with sustainably sourced organic and pure plant derived ingredients that are designed to promote strong, growing hair. This omega-9 rich lathering shampoo does not include toxins that have been proven to increase skin sensitivity, dryness, hormonal disruptions, and environmental harm. The Oscea-approved Classic Shampoo has an earthy and woodsy aroma from Palo Santo oil making it a great unisex shampoo our editors know and love! Read our article on Non-Toxic Shampoo Explained and 10 to Try to learn more about what might be hiding in your conventional shampoo! 

7. Organic Cotton Rounds & SwabsCliganic

Image of Cliganic Cotton Rounds in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

Image of Cliganic Cotton Swabs in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

When it comes to clean cotton products, a GOTS organic certification is the holy grail you want to look for when shopping. Cliganic Organic Cotton Rounds and Organic Cotton Swabs are GOTS certified, 100% pure, and cruelty free. This certification is exclusively given to cotton farmed without the use of genetically modified seeds, chemicals, or pesticides. These products are a great addition to your personal care routine, whether you are removing your makeup or applying products.

8. Magnesium Bath Flakes | Ancient Minerals
Image of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

Self-care is an essential part of personal care– and what better way to do that than to soak in a bath. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes are suitable for all ages and an amazing alternative to epsom salts as they are more easily absorbed into the body. Ancient Minerals sources from an untouched, unpolluted seabed and is dedicated to an all-natural remedy for sore muscles, stress, as well as everyday use.

9. Sustainable Exfoliating Glove | Cleanlogic
Image of Cleanlogic Exfoliating Glove in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

Cleanlogic’s exfoliating glove is made with certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, and is synthetic dye-free. Similar to the previously recommended cotton products, this is a cleaner alternative to other exfoliating gloves made with harmful dyes and cotton grown with use of pesticides. It is also an increasingly sustainable option compared to synthetic fiber or plastic-based exfoliators that pollute our landfills and pairs great with the Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanser.

10. Pumpkin Enzyme Mask | EcoRoots

Image of EcoRoots Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Source: Amazon

EcoRoots produces their products in small patches, to ensure there is no overproduction, without the use of any parabens, sulfates, silicones, dye, and synthetic fragrance. Because of the lengthy time a face mask soaks on your skin, it is essential to avoid any harsh chemicals that may be absorbed. Fragrance has zero purpose being in skincare, which is why this Pumpkin Face Mask, made with pumpkin puree and cranberry fruit extract, is one of our editors favorites. U.S. regulations make it possible for exact chemicals used in the manufacturing process to be listed only as ‘fragrance’. This means there could be harmful ingredients entering your skin, so we always recommend you steer towards a fragrance free face product.

11. Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray | Everyone
 Image of Natural Hand Sanitizer in Oscea Personal Care Article

Source: Amazon

Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer is a cleaner alternative to most hand sanitizers that contain harmful ingredients. The FDA has performed or is currently performing studies regarding a link between excessive use of triclosan and health risks such as skin cancer. It is essential to use a hand sanitizer, like Everyone’s, that explicitly states there is no triclosan on the ingredient list.Their central mission is to seek new ways to keep waste away from landfills, ocean, and incinerators. It is EWG certified, GMO free, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, triclosan free, and synthetic fragrance free. Our favorite scent is the Peppermint and Citrus.



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