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OsceaPedia saves the Oscea community time in researching, learning, and understanding the world of sustainability.

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Sustainable Fashion?

It's not just a trend. It's a mindset, a new way of thinking about, participating in, and structuring fashion.

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Detox Your Closet

With these simple actions and behavior, you can detox your closet and address some of the largest, unsustainable issues facing the fashion industry today.


Glossary of Terms

Shop more efficiently, more confidently, and hold your favorite brands to a higher standard.

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Which Home Certifications Should You Look For?

When shopping for home goods, it is important to know which certifications to look for and what they mean since the majority of furniture is unsustainable, manufactured with highly toxic chemicals, and is not rigorously tested for safety measures.


Sustainable fashion strives to minimize waste, reduce the use of synthetic fibers, and promote fair working conditions and wages.

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Clean beauty avoids harmful chemicals and promotes less waste, less toxic water runoff, and cruelty-free processes and products.

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Organic wellness is an integrative approach to wellbeing, incorporating holistic health, sexual health and mental health practices.

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An eco-home is free from toxic chemicals, uses less energy, and produces less waste than typical homes.

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