Detox Your Closet: Quick-start Guide | Sustainable Fashion | Oscea Blog

Detox Your Closet: A Quick-Start Guide

With these simple actions and behavior, you can detox your closet and address some of the largest, unsustainable issues facing the fashion industry today.
Image of Ethical Jeans | Sustainable Denim | Oscea Fashion

The Environmental Impact of Denim and Ethical Jeans to Shop

While the term sustainable jeans might seem like an oxymoron, sustainable clothing brands are transforming the denim industry and turning this vision into a reality.
Image of Ethically Sourced Diamond Ring | Ethically Sourced Diamonds | Sustainable Engagement Rings | Oscea Blog

The Truth About Ethically Sourced Diamonds and Three Types to Shop

Whether you’re on the market for sustainable engagement rings, an eco-friendly diamond keepsake, or just want to know more about ethically sourced diamonds, then this article has you covered.
Sustainable Men's Basics: Eco-friendly T-shirts, Underwear and Socks for Men| Sustainable Men's Fashion | Oscea Blog
Men's Fashion

Sustainable Men's Basics: Eco-friendly T-shirts, Underwear, and Socks

Cleanly and sustainably revamp your basics with these men’s organic cotton t-shirts, eco-friendly underwear, and sustainable socks. 
Beginners Guide to Fast Fashion and Why We Need to Slow Down | Oscea

Why We Need To Slow Down Fast Fashion

In the decades since the fast fashion business model became the norm within the fashion industry, the increase in demand for the disproportionate large amounts of inexpensive clothing has resulted in vast environmental injustices along every step of the supply chain.
The Sustainability of Pre-Loved Handbags and Where to Buy Your Own | Oscea

The Sustainability of Pre-loved Handbags and Where to Buy Your Own

So, you want the brand-name luxury bag of your dreams, but you don’t want to contribute to global warming, resource depletion, or waste production. Are you doomed? Luckily for you, pre-loved handbags say absolutely not.
Sustainable Sandals and 5 Brands to Support | Oscea

Sustainable Sandals and 5 Brands to Support

Reduce your environmental impact with a pair of sustainable sandals. 
Ethical Swimwear and 5 brands to follow | Oscea

Ethical Swimwear and 5 Brands to Follow

This season, swim, lounge, and get active sustainably in these ethical swimwear options. 
America’s Cleanest, Chicest Organic Sweats

America’s Cleanest, Chicest Organic Sweats

If you are on the market for the world’s cleanest, chicest, organic loungewear, look no further than MATE the Label.
Digital Fashion in The Metaverse: A Sustainable Fashion Alternative?

Digital Fashion in The Metaverse: A Sustainable Fashion Alternative?

Although digital fashion has many sustainable qualities such as decreased resource use, the energy intensive blockchain technology it relies upon may prove it to be completely unsustainable.
fair trade jewelry | OCSEA

What is Fair Trade Jewelry? And 5 Brands to Follow

Conventional jewelry production has a massive environmental and social impact—fair trade jewelry is an ethical alternative.
sustainable accessories | OCSEA

Sustainable Accessories Swap: Buy This, Not That

Buying sustainable accessories is just as important as buying any other sustainable product. The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice style with these sustainable accessory brands.

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Unlike 'fast fashion', sustainable fashion is considered 'slow fashion' and promotes conscious, ethical and environmental practices in regards to the production of clothing, shoes, accessories and textiles. Sustainable fashion strives to minimize waste, reduce the use of synthetic fibers, and promote fair working conditions and wages.

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