Naadam Cashmere Crewneck Jogger Set | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Kids
Naadam Cashmere Crewneck Jogger Set | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Kids


Kid's Cashmere Crewneck Jogger Set

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Made with 100% cashmere, this crewneck jogger set is soft and perfect for any moment from last-minute plans to playdates. Easy to throw on together as a set or mix with different pieces separately, these two tiny style heroes will save you time and keep them looking cool. A must for traveling and packing.

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Sustainability Badges

- Releases an annual Social and Environmental report
- By working directly with herders, they are able to pay them more and you pay less for the world's best cashmere
- Protect the planet through anti-desertification programs, local nonprofit work and supplier partnerships committed to ethical and environmental standards
- By 2025, Carbon Neutral, living wages across supply chain, use traceable, renewable and recycled materials, circular design principles to create high–quality products that can be used as long as possible, reduce our packaging and switch to sustainable alternatives
- Old School Hand Combing (The only cruelty-free cashmere)
- Sources straight from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert
- Give back through nonprofit work with the Gobi Revival Fund and have set up a clean water source, a livestock insurance program and a park for the local community


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