Oliver Cabell Vegan 481 Chalk Sneakers | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Her
Oliver Cabell Vegan 481 Chalk Sneakers | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Her

Oliver Cabell

Vegan 481 Sneakers

Sale price$159.00

Sustainable design. Made in Italy. Oliver Cabell’s Vegan 481’s are made from natural and recycled rubber, and have the retro-inspired design to go with any outfit.

  • Lining & Laces: 100% Bamboo

  • Outsoles: 50% natural and 50% recycled rubber

  • Upper: Vegan corn (35% corn waste and 65% bio-based, biodegradable polyurethane)

  • Carbon Footprint:  4.81 pounds CO2e/pair (natural & recycled materials are the secret for drastically reducing emissions, compared to average sneaker: 13.6kg CO2e)

  • Construction: Hand stitched and lasted in Italy

  • Sizing: Wear a half size? Most customers size up for the perfect fit

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Sustainability Badges

- Use natural, alternative, biodegradable and recycled materials to drastically reduce emissions such as corn, natural rubber and bamboo
- All vendors in their supply chain abide by their Vendor Code of Conduct, which is based on International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards and requires compliance with all laws in each of the countries in which our factories operate and ensures programs are in place for continuous monitoring and improvement
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