House of Marley Stir it up wireless turntable | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Him
House of Marley Stir it up wireless turntable | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Him

The House of Marley

Wireless Bamboo Turntable

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The Stir It Up Wireless turntable uses modern technology with a classic sound, providing a sleek design using solid bamboo, REGRIND™ silicone, REWIND™ fabric, recycled plastic, and recyclable aluminum.  Enjoy a classic sound system that wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth® speaker and offers a built-in switch pre-amp allowing seamless compatibility with your Marley speakers or in-home receivers. The Stir It Up Wireless includes a USB port for PC recording, a RCA output, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

  • Sustainable Materials: Embrace your natural style with Marley’s message of craftsmanship and sustainability. Their turntables are designed with natural bamboo, their eco-friendly REWIND™ fabric and REGRIND™ silicone, recycled plastic, recyclable aluminum, and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

  • Superior Sound: A new spin on an old classic, the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable delivers premium audio quality and lets you enjoy your every sonic detail of your favorite vinyl records. 

  • Premium Features: Compatible with any Bluetooth speaker or headphones, you’ll experience that classic Marley sound no matter how you connect. Offering a modular Audio-Technica cartridge, play any 33 or 45 RPM records while the anti-skate control and the auto start/stop help to protect your vinyl from damage. And if you prefer to use your own pre-amp, simply switch the internal amp off to connect one of your choice. The USB port and included cable allow you to convert your records to a digital format.

Unmatched Design: The minimalist, streamlined design of this record player makes for a stunning and functional statement piece. The aluminum platter and metal tonearm provide a subtle contrast against the warm, solid bamboo plinth. You’ll notice attention to detail through unique touches like the Bob Marley quote engraved on the tonearm.

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Sustainability Badges

- Made of natural renewable bamboo, organic cotton, organic cork, FSC certified wood
- Uses complimentary recycled materials including silicone, metal alloy, and aluminum
- Sustainable packaging
- Supports global reforestation and ocean conservation by working with One Tree Planted and Surfrider Foundation


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