2023 Eco Home Holiday Gift Guide

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  1. GuppyFriend Laundry Wash Bag from Zero Waste Store  *
  2. Countertop Water Filter (Two #1/2) by AquaTru  *
  3. Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (#3) by AquaTru  *
  4. Classic Mineral Boost Alkaline VOC Filter (#4) by AquaTru
  5. New Tap Water Tank by AquaTru  *
  6. New Purified Water Tank by AquaTru  *
  7. HyperHEPA Pre-Filter H11 F1 (Two) by IQAir  *
  8. MERV 13, Filtrete Air Filter or BNX Tru Filter (Two 20x25x1)  *
  9. MERV 13, Filtrete Air Filter (14x20x1)  *
  10. Set of Organic Signature Hemmed Pillow Cases by Boll & Branch (in Sand)
  11. Set of Double Walled Glass Mugs (Two) 
  12. Gen5 Cordless Vacuum with Hepa Filter by Dyson; shop on Amazon or Dyson.com
  13. EMF Neutralizer for WiFi Router by EMF Harmony

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