Flaky Icelandic Sea Salt


Flaky Icelandic Sea Salt

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Saltverk was born out of a passion for food, sustainability, and Icelandic pride.  They wanted to make a product that expressed these passions and that was of the highest quality.  Using the natural resources that they have right at hand in Iceland - geothermal hot springs and pristine, clean seawater - they started making sea salt.

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Sustainability Badges

- They only use geothermal energy for production making the salt carbon neutral leaving no CO2 and CH4 emissions
- The salt is produced in Reykjanes where the North Arctic Ocean stream goes down the bay of Isafjardardjup and it has some of the cleanest seawater imaginable
- Their artisanal methods of production is two centuries old
- One of the few entirely sustainable flaky sea salt producers in the world


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