Somavedic Sky EMF Harmonizer | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Him
Somavedic Sky EMF Harmonizer | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Him


Sky EMF Harmonizer

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Due to the modern lifestyle of overuse of Wi-Fi, smartphones, and wearables, the harmful effects of all these wireless devices are wreaking havoc on our bodies. Somavedic developed the EMA Harmonizer to help mitigate these negative effects. Great for family houses in cities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, offices, shops, etc.

The results of this home device leads to a greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep. With the elimination of many other negative influences in the body and mind which we are constantly exposed today Sky makes a suitable helper to stressful city environments.

Somavedic has been tested throughout time by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies. Its effects lead to improved speed of cell regeneration and it has positive effects on HRV, cardiovascular and nervous system. Most of all, people experience better sleep and have more energy during the day. 

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Sustainability Badges

- Handmade with hand-blown crystal glass with precious and semi-precious stones
- IGEF (Germany) and IIREC (Austria) certified
- Reducing Effects Of Mobile Phone Radiation
- Positive Effects On Cardiovascular And Nervous System
- Improved Heart Rate Variability, Circulation And Internal Balance
- Significant Improvement Of Sedimentation from EMF


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