Balu Non-Toxic Ball Pit | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Kids
Balu Non-Toxic Ball Pit | Oscea Sustainable Gifts for Kids

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Sustainable Ball Pit

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The Balu Organics Large Ball Pit is chic and minimalist and will add a touch of modern charm to your home’s decor. Made from super cushy fabric designed to prevent bumps and bruises, this polyurethane-free, non-toxic foam pit is safe for your baby to play with, jump in, and explore. The included crush-proof balls are light and durable, and are just the right size for your little one’s hands to grasp, toss, and explore!

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Sustainability Badges

- Pit is made from soy-based foam with a 100% organic cotton outer
- Balls are made from BPA-free LPDE plastic
- Polyurethane-free, non-toxic foam pit
- Independently-tested for: BPA + BPS Free, No PFAS, No Flame Retardants, No Known Harmful Phthalates, PVC Free, Low VOC


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